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20 years Carcassonne / Wishes for the anniversary - a survey
téma založeno uživatelem BigBoss - 30.12.2019, 14:44
Dear community,
let's get some ideas or suggestions for the publisher HiG concerning the future of one of our favourite games - THANK YOU.

I'll start with my personal wishes (no particular ranking).

Carcassonne wish list:
- The Foldable Counting Board
- A "complete" travel edition for CCII
- Other country monasteries
- An official Carcassonne set of rules
- A tile dispenser tower for the travel edition
- The castle with falcons expansion
- A reprint of the 4 russian promo tiles
- The wheel of fortune expansion for CCII
- The catapult for CCII  [Obrázek: evil.gif]
- Complete set of the Meeple in light green
- Meeple bags in all colours
- Minis 1-7 single for CCII

- Tunnel Mini Exp. for CCII (@Chmura)
- Pest Mini Exp. for CCII (@Chmura)
- Acrylic tile tower dispenser(@izscream)
- Blank tiles (blancos) for the travel edition (@Murphy013)
- Double-sized Blancos & perhaps also triangular-blancos (@Murphy013)
- The resurrection of the 1st edition (@strix and probably @Fan "hihi")
- The offer of printing fan expansions by HiG  (@seli)
- Carcassonne Maps foldable, e.g. like a normal game table HiG (@seli)
- New Mini expansion in both Classical and New Carcassonne style (@MeepleFan)
- Reprint of all missing expansions from old edition aka CC1 to the new edition aka CCII (@Eldenroot)
- A1 folder, in Carcassonne style, for the storage of all country maps (@Tom)
- Nice wooden box to store everything (@Christianmocking)
- Expansion No.11(@Halfling)
- Halflings Mini Expansion for C2 (@Meepledrone)
- Expansion connecting Carcassonne and the Crusades beyond the one against the Cathars -
   It could involve a Map of the Mediterranean Sea and all (@Meepledrone)
- Expansion that includes the 100 years war with the English - for example, again with a map of the Mediterranean Sea. (@Oldbonz)

 [Obrázek: cheesy.gif]
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Není to pouze 20 let?   Smutný

-Upraven název tématu! Mrknutí
Chmura Zelený meeple
[-] 1x   BigBoss
I když novou edici nevlastním, tak by bylo asi fajn, kdyby měli reprint všech Spiel rozšíření v nové grafice... to by asi udělali obrovskou radost všem fanouškům... bohužel kvůli vlastnictví práv to asi nepůjde.
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(30.12.2019, 14:49)Chmura Napsal(a): Není to pouze 20 let?   Smutný

-Upraven název tématu! Mrknutí

uuuuhhh - typing error Šokován

thanks for correcting Palec nahoru

Ratz65 has posted on german forum new informations about the anniversary - here the translation:
 Quote from: Ratz65
Citace:I've already spoken to Moritz about it. The anniversary is not celebrated until 2021.
2001 was Carcassonne Game of the Year.
Besides, I am already in contact with Moritz about what could happen for the anniversary [Obrázek:

[Pouze registrovaní a přihlášení uživatelé mohou zobrazit URL odkazy - klikněte ZDE pro přihlášení/registraci.]

So we still have a year to think about ideas for carcassonne.
I am looking forward to the anniversary year 2021!

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