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Greetings from gemany :-)
téma založeno uživatelem BigBoss - 19.2.2019, 15:53
Hello dear Carcassonne Fans & forum members!

I am from germany & I have found your forum, because I have searched for watermarks (expansion symbols)  Vítěz

But what surprised me most, however, is your great & impressive carcopedia including meeplepedia & scorepedia!!! Potlesk Palec nahoru

I am happy to be here - congratulations for this successful and informative fanpage!

It is allowed to speak in english also in the other non international threads? If not, perhaps I will try some online translator....or if you wish I will only post here...

[-] 4x   borks, Chmura, Eldenroot, PHeY
We are really glad to like our forum. Carcapedia and other complementary databases are still under construction and lots of information and photos will be added.

As far as the communication language is concerned, we predominate Czech. When writing a post in English, it would be good to translate it into Czech.
Chmura Zelený meeple
Welcome to our board! If anythink let me know via a PM.  Nerd
@Chmura @Eldenroot 
Děkuji za vaši laskavost! [Obrázek: red-meeple.png]

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